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African Hebrew Development Agency

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Account Name: Soknut HaAfrikaim HaIvriem L’pituach (R”A 580552404) 
Account number: 123000/24
Bank: Bank Leumi / Branch #923
City: Dimona, Israel  
Iban # IL 3201 0923 0000 012300024
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African Hebrew Development Agency
1433/1 Aliyah St. - Dimona 86000

The Mirema School Organic Agriculture Project provides for establishing an organic agriculture greenhouse and open field vegetable plot at Mirema School. Among the benefits for students are: 1) training young people in organic agriculture practices and the relative nutritional and environmental benefits; 2) students gain the foundation of a marketable skill; 3) provides access to the highest quality nutrition for school breakfasts and lunches; 4) training in sound agri-business practices with potential for value added products and services; and 5) stimulates environmental consciousness as all organic practices respect and harmonize with nature and provide insight into the dangers to man and the ecology of chemical farming practices.

The African Hebrew Development Agency and ABI-Organic Agriculture will assist the school by training the students in the production of more nutritious, higher quality organic vegetables that have been proven to increase positive health and behavioral outcomes for the student population.